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Intensive Propolis+

Intensive Propolis+ Zinc Serum-Lotion

(30 customer reviews)
Intensive Propolis+

Intensive Propolis+ Zinc Serum-Lotion

(30 customer reviews)

This serum-lotion helps reduce the appearance of residual marks caused by irregularities, mattifies the skin and visibly tightens pores.

$56 CAD

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Product Benefits

Propolis is recognised for its purifying and soothing properties. Intensive Propolis+ Zinc Serum-Lotion soothes and helps reduce sensations of discomfort associated with irregularities. For a bright and even complexion, it visibly reduces residual marks caused by irregularities. Thanks to its zinc gluconate ingredient, its lightweight and refreshing texture mattifies and refines the skin texture by reducing shiny areas and visibly tightening pores.

**Usage test under medical supervision, 31 volunteers /28 days (% positive answers).

Application Tips

Using a cotton pad, apply to clean and dry skin of face and neck. Avoid the eye area. For adult use only. The INTENSIVE COLLECTION can be used with your usual skincare or alongside cosmetic procedures.

Ingredients List

The ingredients listed here are those contained in the most recent formulation of this product. As there may be a delay between its production and its distribution on the market, please refer to the ingredient list on the packaging.


ESTHEDERM product photo, Intensive collection, Institut Esthederm, professional skincare for youthful skin, Esthederm Canada
Shininess is visibly reduced within 7 days: 97%**

Pores are visibly tightened: 96%**

Patents and Technologies

  • Propolis+ Complex

    Propolis has remarkable purifying and soothing as well as antioxydant properties. Esthederm has harnessed a synergetic combination of active ingredients to give a complete solution for blemished skin with visible signs of aging.

  • Cellular Water Patent

    Booster of all skincare efficiency, Cellular Water optimizes vitality and helps prevent youth capital.

  • Zinc Gluconate

    Has an immediate action on targeting sebum secretion and absorbing excess oils on the skin, for a mattified effect.

ESTHEDERM product photo, Intensive collection, Institut Esthederm, professional skincare for youthful skin, Esthederm Canada

Intensive Expertise

The INTENSIVE lines offer a proven effectiveness with referenced molecules in dermo-esthetics, selected and used in the perfect amounts thanks to Esthederm’s research for fast and long-lasting results on the visible signs of skin imbalances and cutaneous aging.

Reviews For This Product

  1. Shannen Ciricillo

    I love this product! it minimizes the size of my pores and works like a lotion to hydrate my dry skin.

  2. Annie

    Produit très efficace pour avoir bonne mine et traiter les imperfections au quotidien. Ma peau est très belle depuis que j’utilise ce produit, je ne m’en passerais pas, j’adore!

  3. Manon

    J’adore ce produit, juste wow!

  4. Geneviève Gingras

    Je l’adore

  5. Ekaterina Kalinskaya

    I love the fact it’s a 2-in-1 product: a serum and a lotion. It has a powerful formula and I prefer to use it along with my Intensive Propolis cream with ferulic acid.

  6. Virginie

    J’adore ce produit depuis plusieurs années.

  7. lunange2

    On sent instantanément le travail sur le peau. J’adore l’appliquer sur une imperfection pour la voir guérir beaucoup plus rapidement.


    I love this stuff. Use it morning and night. Face feels clean and smooth. This is my favourite product from this line.

  9. Essia Ben Ayed

    Très bon produit!

  10. Catherine Allard

    J’avais déjà utilisé cette lotion dans le passé, mais la nouvelle version est juste Wow! Après son utilisation, je sens que le lotion fait “son travail”, car je sens de petits picotements sur mon visage. Avec ce produit, ma peau reste matifiée et que dire de l’odeur que j’adore!

  11. Virginie

    J’utilise ce produit plusieurs années et je l’adore toujours autant.

  12. Alicia Lee

    Love the feel of my face after a long day at working? It feel like you have a new face from the cream and makes it so much better to sleep or wake up to

  13. Marina Eskandar

    I adore this product was my first time to try it, and i’m super happy with the results and how it is very easy to apply.
    I loved the smell.
    Super happy with my experience.
    #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  14. Sana

    I got this as a #freeproduct from top box to try and I really like this serum/lotion because I can see a big difference in my skin after using it on regular basis my skin looks more smoother and brighter and my pores are less visible and my skin feels very soft and plumped.l also really like the consistency of this serum which is very lightweight and absorbs very nicely and doesn’t dry out my skin.It became A must have in my daily skincare routine.

  15. Madeline Della Mora

    truly a spectacular product! I’ve wanted something with zinc that helps to keep my oil at bay while also not drying out my skin too much. This is absolutely going to be on my must haves list since it is both luxurious and very effective. Good price point and a very respectable brand. I can’t say enough about how much it works for my sensitive acne prone skin! #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  16. Stacy

    I am very astonished that this face serum/lotion contains propolis, as it is antibacterial and contains many benefits. I can definitely feel the healing properties of this serum, which is moisturizing and reducing wrinkles. I noticed that my skin felt more firm and healthy after using this serum and I love the way it is absorbed right away. I received this serum for free from Topbox. #Freeproduct #Trywithtopbox

  17. Marina Eskandar

    It was my first time to try this product and I’m really surprised from the results.

    My skin is super nice and looks purified.
    I’m super happy with the results.
    Please the nice smell and the easy application.

  18. Neelam Ashfaq

    I like this product when i use this product my skin is very soft and smooth i like it very much

  19. Elle

    I usually have really shiny skin. I’ve been applying this with a cotton pad before work in the mornings and my skin doesn’t look as shiny at the end of the day! My skin feels softer and smoother too. #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  20. Medo

    I got this #freeproduct from topbox,it was my lucky day it’s a great product keeps my skin hydrated and the texture seems more soft

  21. Martine

    This product is awesome!!!! My skin is so soft now #freeproduct

  22. Martine

    I love it!!! This product is awesome! My skin is sooo soft now only after a week using it!

  23. Butaj

    Used this #freeproduct as a morning routine. It moisturizes my face while reducing the look of my pores and keeps my face hydrated. #trywithtopbox

  24. Alena

    I got this #freeproduct for the exchange of my honest review and was very excited to try it. Love the design and package, decent size enough for a year of usage at least. I have a combination skin type, so after a week of usage the serum definitely did its job – skin looks matte and shiny, pores are definitely smaller now without black clogs. The texture is light and creamy, doesn’t leave any residue on the skin. Definitely would recommend.

  25. Tanisha Legault

    I love this stuff! I really notice a difference with my skin. It doesn’t feel greasy or oily, but it feels moisturized and refreshed. You only need a small amount and it goes a long way. My skins texture seems more uniform and glowy. I like the pump bottle so you don’t waste any. I will definitely be buying this product again!

  26. Yulia

    Fantasti product! I really enjoyed how it smells and the fact that it left my skin feeling so soft. Will definitely purchase more. #freeproduct

  27. Araine Frenkcuec

    Très bon produit!

  28. Dominique

    J’adore ce produit

  29. Dominique

    J’adore ce produit!!

  30. Janie

    Version améliorée et que dire de son nouvel emballage qui facilite son utilisation et évite le gaspillage!

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