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Institut Esthederm represents almost 50 years of expertise in skin care.
Always focused on excellence, we develop products at the cutting edge of innovation to meet the needs of your skin in the best possible way. Our approach is inspired by the skin itself and guided by professional esthetics.


1. What makes the Esthederm formulation unique? 
Water is the main constituent by volume of a cosmetic formula (about 70%), it is essential for its formulation. Its quality is therefore essential.
Most conventional cosmetics contain distilled, neutral water, which has no properties that are particularly useful for the skin. Institut Esthederm has chosen to replace this neutral water with Cellular Water, an active and patented water that offers the skin 100% active formulas.


2. Why does the Cellular Water patent constitute real added value for Esthederm consumers?
Completely unique, our Cellular Water is precisely designed for its qualities similar to the water naturally present in the skin: pH, concentration of mineral salts, resistance to oxidation. This particularity makes Cellular Water a biomimetic water in perfect affinity with the skin. It constitutes an ideal environment for the skin cells.
Present in most Institut Esthederm skin care products, it has a real interest in the skin, stimulating its mechanisms and visibly preserving its youthfulness.


3. How does Esthederm fit into the world of professional esthetics?
Since its creation, the Institut Esthederm brand has been committed alongside esthetics experts. Our skincare programs visibly helps to protect the skin from aging, optimize its resistance to the environment and optimize the results of any cosmetic procedure.
Our unique formulas, the purity of the selected molecules, the precision of our exclusive professional gestures contribute to preserve youthfulness and durably  strengthen the quality of the skin.


4. How is this expertise found in Esthederm products?
First, the “skin preparation” from Institut Esthederm. Designed in collaboration with esthetic professionals, this deep cleansing method is combined with an exfoliation gesture that respects skin sensitivity. It improves the skin’s receptivity to cosmetic protocols.
In addition, the INTENSIVE range combines reference molecules in dermatology, for expert results on visible signs of aging. Their effectiveness is the perfect complement to esthetic rejuvenation procedures.


5. What is the principle of ecobiology and how is it reflected in the formulation of Esthederm products?
Ecobiology in a concept created by Jean-Noël Thorel, founder of Institut Esthederm, a pharmacist passionate about biology. Since 1978, he has been taking a different look at the skin: unlike a passive envelope, he considers the skin a living organ, which evolves over time and constantly adapts, thanks to the natural mechanisms of its biology.
It is this deep understanding of its biology that allows us to envision the skin as a true ecosystem, populated by communities of living cells that constantly interact with each other and with their environment. The skin therefore has its own ecology.

The combination of the biology and ecology of the skin has given birth to this original and deeply respectful approach that is ecobiology.
At the heart of our products is the desire to take care of our users, to understand the skin and its needs. Implemented by NAOS for more than 40 years, ecobiology is an approach inspired by life, which is based on 4 fundamental principles:
• Be guided by biomimicry which allows us to observe, understand and imitate natural mechanisms to develop effective and sustainable solutions.
• Understand and act on the causes of dysfunctions as well as on their visible consequences to offer lasting efficiency
• Interact respectfully with the skin’s natural mechanisms, only when necessary, to help the skin adapt and find its own balance.
• Leave a positive imprint in the skin ecosystem

This approach is particularly true in our Cellular Water. Inspired by physiological fluids, it recreates an ideal environment for skin cells. As a source of highly biocompatible elements, it visibly improves skin’s quality by optimizing its vitality.

For Institut Esthederm, ecobiology is at the service of asthetics, to support the beauty of women over time.