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Hooray, sunny days are coming! Before rushing outside to enjoy it, take the time to make sure your skin is ready to get sun exposure. After staying indoors for a long time, the skin needs time to adapt to the outdoors.

You guessed it, we are not all equal in the face of the sun

As you have probably noticed, one of your friends has a perfect and homogeneous tan after only a short afternoon in the sun, while another one turns red just by thinking about it!

The reason? Several factors explain how our skin reacts to the sun. The phototype is one: the darker the skin tone, the less it will tend to burn quickly in the sun. Then, the genetic factor comes into play. Some people are born with skins that are naturally more sensitive to the sun or will more easily develop visible spots related to sun exposure, for instance.

Enjoying the outside, yes, but well prepared!

It is for all these reasons that Esthederm has developed sun products specifically adapted to your skin. And you can easily integrate them into your routine.


 What routine if I have visible spots?

I prepare my skin for the sun

At ESTHEDERM, we always recommend starting a routine by hydrating and energizing the vitality of your skin, thanks to our Cellular Water Mist. Its patented technology helps stimulate hydration of the skin by drawing inspiration from the water naturally present between our skin cells. Applying the mist as the first step in a routine not only helps to be pleasantly refreshed and hydrated, but also to ensure optimal effectiveness of all our products applied afterwards!


After the preparation, the sun exposure!

Once the Cellular Water Mist has been sprayed on your face, apply Photo Regul in an even layer at least 15 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun. Its unique formula helps prevent sunburn while visibly reducing the appearance of visible spots. And there you are, you’re ready to enjoy the outdoors!


I soothe my skin

Once back, complete your routine with Repair After-Sun Cream  to moisturize and comfort your skin exposed to the sun during the day. The little extra? Thanks to Repair technology in its formula that targets the signs of aging, lines and wrinkles appear smoothed!


Do you have sensitive skin? Discover our suncare routine adapted to your skin type!