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Eau Cellulaire

Eau Cellulaire- Concentré Cellulaire Sérum Fondamental

(53 avis client)
Eau Cellulaire

Eau Cellulaire- Concentré Cellulaire Sérum Fondamental

(53 avis client)

Sérum concentré universel, enrichi en Eau Cellulaire pour hydrater, apaiser et cibler tous types de dysfonctionnements cutanés.

$102 CAD

Flacon 30 ml
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Rééquilibre la flore cutanée pour diminuer progressivement les principaux types de dysfonctionnements : sécheresse, brillance, déshydratation, sensibilité, apparence des rougeurs.

Conseils d'application

Appliquer matin et soir sur l’ensemble du visage, cou et décolleté. S’utilise seul ou en dessous des soins Prévention Jeunesse pour optimiser leur efficacité et accroître les résultats.

Liste d'ingrédients

Les ingrédients listés ici sont ceux contenus dans la dernière formule de ce produit. Un décalage de temps pouvant exister entre sa production et sa diffusion sur le marché, nous vous invitons à consulter la liste des ingrédients figurant sur l’emballage de votre produit.



ESTHEDERM photo produit, Concentré Cellulaire Sérum Fondamental 30ml, soin universel, hydrate, apaise, rééquilibre la peau
94% La peau est hydratée.

Brevets et technologies

  • Action spécifique au Concentré Cellulaire

    Rééquilibre l'écosystème cutané.

  • Brevet Eau Cellulaire

    Booster d'efficacité de tous nos soins, l'Eau Cellulaire optimise la vitalité et aide à prévenir le capital jeunesse.

  • TCS Time Control System

    Conçu pour réduire les signes visibles du vieillissement cutané.

ESTHEDERM photo produit, gamme d'Eau Cellulaire, Esssence, crème, gel hydratant, hydratation profonde, tous types de peaux

Expertise Prévention des signes de l'âge

La Recherche avancée Esthederm a développé 3 gammes pour la prévention des signes de l'âge (Sensi System, Nutri System, Pure System). Ces lignes de produits luttent contre les signes visibles de vieillissement prématuré de la peau et contribuent à son équilibre et à sa santé.

Avis sur ce produit

  1. Melvin

    Falls in love since my visit in Paris

  2. Marie Claude Lemaire

    Super produit ! je ne peux plus m’en passer ce produit est super pour mes rougeurs!!

  3. Laurence

    J’adore le produit. Il hydrate ma peau en profondeur et ma crème semble être plus efficace avec son utilisation. Toutefois, je trouve le produit dispendieux pour la quantité. Un luxe dans sa routine beauté.

  4. Julie Di Pede

    love this serum toned down my redness , feels so nice in skin

  5. Gabriel Dubois

    Sérum essentiel à ma routine!

  6. Lynda

    Parfait pour ma peau sensible

  7. Krystel Bisson

    J’aime beaucoup ce produit. Avec ce produit mes rougeur de rosacer s’atténuent beaucoup.

  8. Crystal Warnock

    I really liked this serum!! Wasn’t sticky and made my skin feel smooth.

  9. Flo

    Ce sérum est un must pour les peaux sensibles

  10. Kelina Michaud

    Serum parfait peau ma peau acneique

  11. Emilie

    The cellular concentrate fundamental serum, Is not my favorite, but is still awsome Its smell a little weird and sticky even after 5min. Went better after. But love the freshness, didn’t even need any moisturizer after this serum, and it still kept my skin hydrated for over 24h.
     #trywithtopbox #freeproduct
    Will definitely keep using it

  12. Khoulood

    Thanks topbox for sending me this sample to try it for free#trywithtopbox actually this product is amazing , after using it I can feel that my skin is more hydrated and moisturized , when I apply it my skin looks and feels so fresh and smooth , the texture is amazing , non greasy and easily absorbed by my skin , u do really recommend it

  13. Susan Chlipala

    I received a sample of this product for free from #topbox in exchange for an honest review. This estherderm cellular water is amazing. My skin is oily and acne prone. I have to be careful of what I use for my skin. When I applied, I didn’t have any reaction to the product which is a plus. This product hydrates my face and helped my acne prone skin breathe. I am happy with this product since it gives me a healthy and balanced glowed face. Looking forward to trying their other brand lines! #trywithtopbox #freeproduct

  14. Vicky Poulin

    Excellent pour les peaux très sensibles

  15. Vicky Poulin

    Un produit parfait pour ma peau autopique.

  16. Nathalie Lebeau

    I received a sample of this product for free from #topbox in exchange for an honest review. This estherderm cellular water was a game changer for my skin routine. My skin is very dry and after applying this serum, I immediately saw a difference in its hydration. It smoothed out my pores and really rebalanced my whole face. I had a beautiful healthy looking glow to my skin after using! Will be buying in the future! #trywithtopbox #freeproduct

  17. Samantha Thiessen

    I only got a timy sample packet to try once so im not sure if it is great or not but i did like How it is not sticky at the light. I got the EVE serum to try a full-size I liked that completely so I don’t really know if I can compare one to the other being that I haven’t really tried this one very long. But so far I’m loving this company’s products

  18. Bianca

    I got to try the Cellular Concentrate Fundamental Serum in my morning routine and I have to say that my skin felt hydrated all day. When I applied the serum my skin absorbed it very quickly and no sticky feeling left! There is a slight fresh odour to the serum and loved it. I found it absolutely beneficial for my skin. #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  19. Sarah

    I received this #freeproduct from #trywithtopbox and I really liked the product. I found it was super easy to incorporate into my skin care routine morning and night time and it left my skin feeling nice and smooth. As someone in their mid-20s, using skin care products that help with anti-aging affects is something that’s really important to me and I can already see from using this product the past few weeks that it’s helping.

  20. Jennifer

    recieved the cellular water cocentrate serum as a #freeproduct from #trywithtopbox in exchange for my honest opinions. I found this serum to be soothing and calming. Right after applying this serum, I noticed my skin felt more hydrated, it also reduced some redness on my skin. I applied it in the morning and I noticed the hydration lasts almost all day. It has a nice light texture which absorbs into the skin instantly and I can move on to my moisturizer right after. There is a mild scent to it, I prefer an unscented serum but you can barely smell it after a few minutes. It doesn’t leave my face feeling sticky or tacky at all. Overall, I’m very happy with how this serum worked for me.

  21. Ruhee

    I received this product from Topbox in exchange for my honest opinion. I found this serum to be soothing, hydrating and brightening. I have dry skin but this product worked for me. I applied it in the morning. The texture of the product is smooth and it has a mild scent to it. I would recommend this to my friends. #trywithtopbox #freeproduct

  22. Flo

    Sérum performant qui diminue les petites rougeurs

  23. Sahar

    Jai beaucoup aimé ce produit après utilisation j’ai remarqué qur ma peau devenu douce hydrater je recommande fortement ???

  24. Serina

    This serum is calming and soothing to the skin, as it provides instant hydration that can be felt. My skin is dry and sensitive, which makes trying new products questionable at times. However, I am very pleased with this face serum that also has a pleasant smell. The hydration lasts all say and my skin feels pampered. I got this as a free product from Topbox. #Trywithtopbox #Freeproduct

  25. Alexia

    My face feels and looks much more youthful, smoothed and vibrant with the Esthederm Cellular Water Concentrate Fundamental Serum. I am glad to have been introduced to a product that re-balances the skin’s ecosystem, whilst diminishing signs of aging / wrinkles. Received this sampling opportunity for free from #trywithtopbox #freeproduct; thank-you topbox and esthederm.

  26. Ashley

    I really enjoyed this product. I found the serum to have a nice light texture and that it sunk into the skin well. I also found that it made my skin plump looking and very hydrated. Overal I am very happy to have used it #freeproduct

  27. ashley

    I really enjoyed this serum. It has a really lightweight texture and sunk into my skin well . I found that my skin very hydrated and supple after using it. I also found that it minimized the appearance of any fine lines I have. #freeproduxt

  28. Tina

    The Cellular water concentrate serum is a very vital product that replenishes the skin’s moisture level. It provides many essential benefits that give a plumping effect that makes the skin look more youthful. I definitely noticed that my skin became more vibrant and healthy after using this face serum, while being more moisturized. Thanks Topbox for sending this free product. #Trywithtopbox # Freeproduct

  29. Luna

    I have seen great results with the Esthederm Concentrate Fundamental Serum! My skin feels soothed and balanced with moisture and a healthy glow. The redness on my skin has disappeared and my face appears much more relaxed and hydrated. Received this product to try for free #freeproduct from topbox #trywithtopbox.

  30. Kristen

    I received this #freeproduct to review. I love the texture and how refreshing and cooling it is on the skin, and it absorbs right away so that I can move on to my moisturizer. My skin felt plump and hydrated all day long, and not greasy! I also applied it in the evening and woke up to soft feeling skin.

  31. Lena Li

    I received a #freeproduct from #trywithtopbox in exchange for an honest review and this serum is highly effective. I used with twice a day, after cleansing (while my skin is still damp) and before moisturizer and it hydrates and plumps my skin. The product applies very smoothly and does not require a lot of rubbing in to be absorbed into the skin. I have acne-prone skin and was really happy that this product did not break me out. It is a little on the pricey side, hence 4 stars but a little does go a long way! Overall very happy with the product and would purchase once the bottle is done.

  32. ArielB

    The face serum is excellent, as it is a concentrated formula that is rich and moisturizing. I love the way it makes my skin feel very fresh and cool, as it reduces the redness and dryness. I can feel the formula being absorbed into my skin right away, which is great, as there is no residue or stickiness. It can be noted that I received this product for free to try from Topbox. #Freeproduct #Trywithtopbox

  33. Noé

    Very surprised with this serum. The texture is so smooth and the skin is left fully hydrated! This is a very good product for people who have dry skin or combo skin. This serum is really easy to add in your daily skincare routine, I used it in the morning before applying makeup and it did not bother my concealer or foundation at all. #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  34. Sherry Mcneil

    I just love this product! I use it day and night as part of my face routine. Love the consistency of this product it leaves my face feeling soft and smooth. It has helped with my dark circles and the dryness. The product doesn’t leave my face feeling tacky and the product spreads so you don’t need much. Will definitely be buying it. #freeproduct

  35. Marcela

    I got this serum to try and I loved it! I didn’t know the brand and I’m already in love. I used the serum the night before bed and felt my skin was very soft and hydrated. I liked the texture of the serum. I was impressed with this product, I definitely recommend it. #freeproduct

  36. Brittany28

    I was very impressed with this serum! It leaves my face feeling smooth and dewy, and I love that it’s unscented. It absorbs very well and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tacky or sticky. After a week of use I could see that my dark spots were fading. Would definitely recommend!

  37. Brittany Jennex

    I was really pleased with this product. It is unscented which is something I like it a serum, it absorbs so well and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky or tacky. My face was smooth and plump after one use and after a week of using every evening it looked like my dark spots were fading. Very impressed!

  38. Jacqueline Spencer

    I received this product free with #topbox! I get nervous trying new products because I am get acne easily but this did not break me out at all! I am also pregnant and it made my skin look less red and irritated and more glowing! I will continue to purchase this and recommend to people!
    Thank you #topboxcircle for giving the opportunity to try this opportunity.

  39. Tevra

    This serum had such a wonderful texture. It was not sticky or tacky, which I really appreciated. It was able to really nicely hydrate my combo skin, much more than the plain hyaluronic acid serum I was using before. I used it twice a day and seem to be seeing a difference in my dark spots as well as my overall skin hydration. #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  40. TJ

    I was honestly so pleasantly surprised with this serum. I find that most serums tend to sit on top my combo skin and never really sink in properly, but the texture of this serum was so smooth and seemed to really deeply absorb, I was even able to replace my trusty hyaluronic acid serum with this to greater results. My dry patches feel more hydrated and are not as bad as they usually are. Looking forward to continuing using this! #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  41. Ida

    Absolutely loved this product. I received it from #trywithtopbox as a #freeproduct and I’ve felt a different in my skin. It’s been smoother and feels cleaner as well.

  42. Ida

    Absolutely wonderful product. I received it from #trywithtopbox as a #freeproduct and my skin has been feeling so smooth. I definitely felt a change in fine lines and wrinkles as well and I’d recommend this product.

  43. Alice

    Great product as it was easy to apply. Texture was smooth and skin appreciated the hydration it got instantly. Serum is not sticky or oily which was fantastic and I felt a difference within my first couple of uses. Highly recommend! #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  44. Brandi

    This serum superseded my expectations! I absolutely loved everything about this from the packaging to the product itself! The serum was truly amazing! My skin felt very moisturized, firmed, and overall more brightened making my skin feel and appear a whole lot healthier than before. I really like using this in my night regime especially after a warm bath to ensure my skin can get the most benefits out of this product. Would definitely purchase this product in the near future. #freeproduct # #trywithtopbox

  45. Alice

    So hydrating and lovely on the skin! I received this #freeproduct from #trywithtopbox And I am loving it! It goes on the skin smoothly and is absorbed almost instantly which is great as it does not leave the skin oily like other products. Highly recommend this!

  46. Anoop Kumar

    I definitely felt that it gave me a radiant looking complexion and that my skin appeared to be more healthy. I would definitely recommend this product to my friend and family.

  47. Annie

    I apply it to my skin and neck in the morning and evening. After a few days of using it, I could feel my skin always stay hydrated. As I have sensitive skin, I am always a little worried to try new products. This serum actually reduces my redness. Would buy it next time! #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  48. Evie99

    I really enjoyed trying this serum #freeproduct. The serum has a nice mild scent and a gel texture. It absorbed gradually and my skin looked hydrated after application.

  49. Cynthia

    The cellular concentrate serum is unscented, but you may notice a mild, pleasant smell that quickly dissipates upon application. One thing I really liked about the serum was the texture – very smooth and felt nice and hydrating once on the skin. Not heavy at all, not very sticky, and overall a great feeling on the skin. As for the effects, it’s difficult to tell with a single application, but there is a temporary hydrating and smoothing effect that is noticeable immediately upon application. Overall, serum is not bad.
    #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  50. Jamie

    I love this product! I have problems with facial dryness and darkness. After I use this sample after one night, it improves my face. It makes my face feel more comfortable and full of moisture. I recommend this to all of my friends and family. #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  51. Hope Ladouceur

    With Esthederm’s serum I immediately save improvements in my skin’s texture appearance. I love the fact that it is enriched with 100% biomimetic Essential Vital Elements. I definitely felt that it gave me a radiant looking complexion and that my skin appeared to be more healthy. I received this product #free for testing purposes #trywithtopbox

  52. Joycelyne Collin

    I received this product from #free from #topbox circle and omg!!!! The packaging is supper cute, the serum isn’t sticky or smelly. It feels great around the eye and gives the moisture needed to get rid of those tired looking eyes. This product made my skin feel smooth and hydrated. I would definitely buy this in the future to add to my skin care regime.
    Thank you #topboxcircle for giving the opportunity to try this product!

  53. Neha (Mrs T)

    I wish I would have discovered this product sooner! As someone who follows as 7 step routine this product is perfect for anyone in their mid to late 20’s and is investing in skincare to avoid more correction in the later years. For early intervention and corrective support this serum is an investment that will keep on giving. #freeproduct

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