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Intensive Vitamine C

Intensive Vitamine C Gel-Crème

(18 avis client)
Intensive Vitamine C

Intensive Vitamine C Gel-Crème

(18 avis client)

Ce gel-crème ultra-léger réduit visiblement l’apparence des taches, ravive l’éclat du teint et lisse la peau.

$106 CAD

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Puissant ingrédient indispensable à l’organisme, la Vitamine C est reconnue pour ses nombreux bénéfices sur la peau. Intensive Vitamine C Gel-Crème réduit l’apparence des taches et redonne à la peau sa clarté et son uniformité. Formulée avec la vitamine C* stabilisée, ce gel-crème cible les facteurs responsables du vieillissement cutané et du teint terne en lissant visiblement le micro-relief cutané.

*Précurseur de vitamine C (ascorbyl glucoside)

**Test d’usage sous contrôle dermatologique, 25 volontaires / 28 jours (% de réponses positives).

Conseils d'application

Appliquer matin et soir sur la peau propre et sèche du visage et du cou. La collection INTENSIVE s’utilise en alternance avec les soins habituels ou en complément d’actes esthétiques.

Liste d'ingrédients

Les ingrédients listés ici sont ceux contenus dans la dernière formule de ce produit. Un décalage de temps pouvant exister entre sa production et sa diffusion sur le marché, nous vous invitons à consulter la liste des ingrédients figurant sur l’emballage de votre produit.


ESTHEDERM Photo produit, Gamme Intensive Propolis, sérum, crème, Essence, masque, décongestionnant, apaisant, acné, vieillissementESTHEDERM Photo produit, Gamme Intensive Propolis, sérum, crème, Essence, masque, décongestionnant, apaisant, acné, vieillissement
Peau visiblement lissée : 92%**

Homogénéité du teint améliorée : 88%**

Brevets et technologies

  • Brevet Eau Cellulaire

    Booster d'efficacité de tous nos soins, l'Eau Cellulaire optimise la vitalité et aide à prévenir le capital jeunesse.

  • Vitamine C (2%)

    Puissant actif biologique indispensable à l’organisme, il est reconnu pour ses propriétés protectrices et réduit l'apparence des rides. Esthederm a formulé un concentré de Vitamine C parfaitement stabilisé pour une efficacité durable sur les signes visibles de l’âge.

Esthederm photo produit, Collection Intensive, routine de la peau, soins professionnels, soins intensifs, routine de soins, vieillissement, hydratation, irrégularités, peau fatiguée, rides

Expertise Intensive

INTENSIVE, l’efficacité démontrée de molécules de référence en dermo-esthétique, sélectionnées et parfaitement dosées par la recherche Esthederm pour des résultats rapides et durables sur les signes visibles des déséquilibres de la peau et de son vieillissement.

Avis sur ce produit

  1. France St-Gelais

    J’adore cette crème légère elles l’applique bien, mais surtout les résultats sont incroyables. Le teint est juste unifié et lumineux. WoW!

  2. Julie G

    J’utilise la crème Intensive Vitamine C Gel-Crème depuis 1 mois et ma peau est plus uniforme, le teint est éclairci. Crème légèrement parfumée, pas trop grasse et facile d’application, juste parfaite. Je la recommande vivement!!

  3. Mina

    I use this products for couple of years and truly love it.

  4. France

    J’aime cette crème, elle est légère, elle sans bon et efficace. Je l’utilise soir er marin et ce tous les jous!

  5. France

    J’adore cette crème, son parfum est doux et délicat. L’essesyer c’est l’adopter!

  6. Roxanne Larouche

    The wrinkle cream is silky smooth, without too much fragrance.
    The effect on the skin is not oily.
    The skin remains smooth and I see a result after a few weeks of trying.

  7. Joanne

    I was lucky to receive this product free for my honest review. I have been using it every night for the past few weeks and have noticed that my skin feels softer. The cream has a nice scent and not too strong. I look forward to seeing the results from using it even longer. #freeproduct

  8. Sam H

    I’ve been lucky to test out @institut_esthederm and @esthedermcanada ‘s Intensive Vitamine C gel- crème through @topbox. I have been applying this gel- crème to my skin in the morning for over a month now, and my face looks noticeably brighter and more glowing! Vitamin C lotions are best applied in morning, as it has anti-oxidant and anti-pollution properties. I love the consistency and texture of the crème. It spreads beautifully over my skin and absorbs instantly and deeply. And my daily makeup routine applies very well on top and doesn’t shift. The scent is fresh and mild, not overpowering at all. Within a few weeks sun spots and discolouration on my face looked diminished and much softer. I feel like this would be an excellent crème to apply to mild-to-moderate scarring. I am positively radiant! I will absolutely continue to use this crème and I recommend it. #freeproduct #institutesthederm #trywithtopbox

  9. Sara L

    I have been using the Intensive Vitamin C Gel Cream as part of my free trial with #trywithtopbox #freeproduct for a few weeks and I’m loving it! I use it in the morning after washing my face. It keeps my skin feeling hydrated. It’s light-weight and doesn’t feel sticky or oily. I have already noticed my skin tone is more even and my face looks brighter. I will definitely keep using this product as part of my regular skin care routine.

  10. Martine Morin

    I received this product from Topboxcircle to test it and give my honest opinion. Luxury packaging coming with a spatula. The cream has no scent to it but is a bit thick. You don’t need to put too much on otherwise it becomes difficult to apply makeup afterward. I used it everyday day for about a month and my skin looks a lot firmer and brighter. I look healthy. I recommend this cream. #freeproduct

  11. Glenn smith

    I was selected to take part in this amazing trial of INTENSIVE VITAMIN C Cream compliments of topbox circle. #trywithtopbox #gotitfree the cream was thicker than I am used to so I applied it at night before bed. It is an amazing cream that definately helped brighten my skin and dark spots. I would highly reccomend this and will be continuing use after my trial runs out.

  12. Laura Britton

    I’ve been using this Institut Esthederm Intensive Vitamine C cream for 2 weeks every morning. It has a very fresh light scent with a gel cream texture. It soaked into my skin perfectly and I was able to still do a full face of makeup with out worrying about my foundation moving. I have noticed some of the minor scarring I have from pimples drastically decrease and my skin feels so smooth and glowing! #topboxcircle #freeproduct #trywithtopbox #institutesthederm

  13. Annie Gamache

    J’adore la texture de la crème sur ma peau, elle est rafraîchissante et à fait diminuer mes taches des les premières semaines.

  14. Mary

    The Esthederm Intensive Vitamin C Gel Cream is a great product I will continue to use for the dark spots on my face. I really like the light and fast absorbing gel-cream formula that is comprised of vitamin c, and ascorbyl glucoside. Received for free #freeproduct from topbox #trywithtopbox

  15. Clara

    Excellent Intensive Vitamin C Gel-Cream!
    The esthederm vitamin c gel-cream provided a youthful, energized and vibrant glow. I recommend it to everyone who is looking for a naturally hydrating and vitamin supplementing cream. Received for free from topbox #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  16. Oscar París Vives

    I received this product trough circle top box. #freeproduct #trywithtopbox I have been using the intensive vitamin C gel cream for the last 10 days. I use it after my night shower and my skin feels much younger. Also I love the scent that it leaves on me. My wrinkles are starting to fade, I’m really happy! Even my partner and some people at work realized. They told me I look younger. I m so happy with this product that I would recommend it to everyone with some wrinkles and dark spots, combined with intensive retinol cream from Estherderm does magic on my skin.

  17. Josée Lachance

    First time using Esthederm product and definitely not disappointed #freeproduct #trywithtopbox. The Intensive Vitamine C Gel-Cream is awesome. I used every morning on my face and neck and noticed a reduction of dark spot and my skin is feeling more firm which is very important for 50 years old. My husband even noticed it and complimented on how my skin looks.

  18. Oscar París-Vives

    #freeproduct #trywithtopbox I have been using the intensive vitamin C gel cream for the last five days. I use it after my night shower and my skin feels much younger. Also i love the scent that it leaves on me. My wrinkles are starting to fade. I’m really happy!

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