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After Sun

Tan Prolonging Body Lotion

(35 customer reviews)
After Sun

Tan Prolonging Body Lotion

(35 customer reviews)

A comfortable formula that rehydrates the skin to minimize the risk of peeling and prolongs tan after sun exposure, in a lasting way. Formulated with a soothing complex with Dextran sulfate and licorice extract, the Tan Prolonging After-Sun Body Lotion reduces feelings of discomfort.

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Flacon 200 ml
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Product Benefits

The skin is comforted and rehydrated in between exposures. The tan is radiant and long-lasting. The skin is more supple, soft and luminous.

Application Tips

Apply generously to the body everyday upon returning from vacation.

Ingredients List

The ingredients listed here are those contained in the most recent formulation of this product. As there may be a delay between its production and its distribution on the market, please refer to the ingredient list on the packaging.


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Formulated with the exclusive ADAPTASUN technology for a long-lasting, quick and intense tan.

Patents and Technologies

  • Cellular Water Patent

    Booster of all skincare efficiency, Cellular Water optimizes vitality and helps prevent youth capital.

  • Adaptasun Technology

    Maximizes and accelerates the tanning process for a faster and long-lasting tan.

  • Intense Soothing Complex

    Soothes the skin.

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Sun Care Expertise.

Known for its effectiveness, Esthederm’s unique sun care products are carefully crafted and formulated with patented technologies such as Global Cellular Protection and Adaptasun, representing 40 years of research and expertise in photobiology. Since the 1970s, Esthederm had been passionate about the sun, and has imagined a different approach to sun protection based on tanning optimization and natural skin protection. Esthederm is resolutely set against sun-induced aging, intolerance to the sun, visible dark spots and other sun-related skin concerns, which gave birth to best-selling sun care products.

Reviews For This Product

  1. RoxanneB

    L’odeur est sublime, la texture est très bien, facile à appliquer et pénètre rapidement. J’aime beaucouo l’idée d’un après-soleil qui prolonge le bronzage! C’est au moins ma 5e bouteille, j’adore ce produit!

  2. Sylvie Lareault

    J’adore ce produit, pas gras du tout. Pénètre rapidement.

  3. Sylvie Lareault

    J’adore ce produit. Laisse la peau douce. Je l’utilise depuis plusieurs années.

  4. Lynn

    Facile à appliquer. Le texture et son odeur WOW


    J’adore, texture et parfum c’est un wow


    Super produit, sa texture et son parfum,wow. Peau douce et sublime,je recommande

  7. France St-Gelais

    Je suis très satisfaite de ce produit, la crème pénètre bien ne laissant aucun résidu. Il hydrate bien et rend la peau douce avec un léger parfum.

  8. Marly

    C’est la première fois que j’utilise ce produit. J’ai la peau sèche et ce lait est parfait pour hydrater ma peau après une journée au soleil. Je suis satisfaite de ce produit.

  9. France St-Gelais

    J’aime bien la texture de ce produit qui laisse la peau douce. Cette crème a l’avantage de pénétrer rapidement ne tachant pas les vêtements. Son parfum est léger et subtile.

  10. Lindsay

    Produit pénètre bien, odeur sulblime, effet étonnant pour la prolongation du bronzage.

  11. Marjorie

    J’utilise ce produit comme crème hydratant tout les jours d’été. Son odeurs est juste parfaite qu’on ne peut plus s’en passer. Et permet à notre peau de capter Le Soleil de façon resplendissante.

  12. Danny Dallaire

    Bonjour, J’emploie ce produit depuis environ 15 ans et il a toujours répondu à mes attentes. Il n’est nullement question de partir sans ce produit lors de nos vacances. Il procure un bien être extraordinaire lors de son application!!!!

  13. Julie Bergeron

    J’adore toute la gamme “Expertise Solaire” mais spécifiquement le Lait prolongateur de Bronzage. Le soin est sublime et l’odeur sent les vacances.

  14. Hélène Bertrand

    Bonjour, j’utilise le Lait prolongateur de Bronzage depuis de nombreuses années et mon fils par le fait même, l’a adopté lui aussi. Je recommande à tous ! Merci et bonne journée 🙂

  15. Alexandra Hebert

    C’est un complément à la crème solaire! J’adore

  16. Lara Hakim

    Smells super nice, absorbs rather quickly and leaves my skin super smooth and glowy. I don’t tan easily and can’t seem to ever keep my tan for more than a week usually but this has kept my tan on for more than 4 weeks. Really happy with it!

  17. Sarah Fellman

    Thank you for the sample #TopBox.
    I used to Day and night after I got a sunburn and it really took the pain away it has soothing ingredients in it that a little goes a long way. I liked the non-greasy feel of the lotion and I will continue to buy after I receive the sample.

  18. Sarah

    I got this free courtesy of top box #TryForFree #TopBoxCircle I used This product day and night because of a sunburn and also after sun. The fragrance is very pure and fresh. I found that it relieved my skin after being out in the sun. I highly recommend this product because of the ingredients. I also find the brand itself is very good and we are lucky to have it in Canada

  19. QAAH

    Thanks to @Topbox I received this product for free. I passed this product onto a friend as I already have a medium skin tone and thought she would get better use out of it. She was really excited to try it out and ended up loving it. I heard no complaints. The consistency and texture of the product is completely a win as it’s very fluid and light (almost like water) in comparison to other after-sun products in the market. The fragrance of the product is also great and was not an immediate put off like some other products in the market. Whether used during the day or night is all down to personal preference. It is definitely on par with the market and honestly the packaging is very inviting and has very beachy vibes. I will definitely keep my eye out for other products from Esthederm and recommend this one to others. #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  20. Sue

    I received a sample from topbox. #freeproduct. I was very excited to try this product since I love the idea of prolonging my tan. I used it after being in the sun for a few days. It is easy to apply, has a nice light scent and is not greasy. I have sensitive skin and had no issues with this product. It calmed and hydrated my skin, I’m just not sure that it prolonged my tan. I would need to buy the full size product to really test it out which I plan on doing since I am pleased with the product so far!

  21. Sabrina-Kate

    I tried this product out gladly as I do not tan easily so when I am able to, it would be nice to maintain it as long as possible. I feel like the product worked well and helped me maintain a healthy glow but as for the product itself, I did not enjoy how the application went. It was very liquid so easy to spread but also very easy to make a mess with. Dripping everywhere most times, even if a small amount was dispensed. So the color was great, but the texture could be better. #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  22. Stephie hdz

    I give the product 4 starts because unfortunately I’m not quite sure if it really helps to prolong the tan, I did tried the product after sun exposure but I always wear spf and don’t exposed to the sunlight for long because it’s not good for your skin, So I really couldn’t get tan as I was expecting. However, I really enjoy the product, pleasent smell, soothing sensation, I like the consistency, makes it easy to spread on my skin, it feels hydrating and best of all, it’s gentle to my sensitive skin, I really liked it. #freeproduct

  23. Stephanie Carter

    Lately we’ve been spending a lot of time outside, enjoying the weather, but also cleaning up our yard and garden areas. This product definitely leaves your skin feeling soft after you’ve dehydrated it in the sun, and it is soothing if you’ve got a bit of a sunburn. It’s not sticky or too heavy that it will clog up your pores, instead it is light and smooth. It does have a strong scent, so if you’re sensitive to scents this may not be the product for you.

    It works pretty well as a lotion, but here’s my honest opinion, this wasn’t a huge sample size, so testing it out was a little difficult (trying to make it last for more than one use). I took a look at the price of the full size, and it is around $59 for 200ml of product. I think it works nicely, but with that price tag, and not really being able to tell if it prolonged my tan, I think I would pass on this product. @topbox #trywithtopbox #freeproduct

  24. Nathalie HK

    Thank you @top box, Merci @esthederm for the opportunity to try their Tan prolonging body lotion #freeproduct. I gave it 5 star as the product they send is not for my skin tone, which is olive. This product work a little too well, after having the scorching sun on my skin, applying this elixir was a relief, it smell nice and it left my skin hydrated. The down side for me is that I had to use lemon to remove the tan on my arms. The product is perfect for people who wants tanning skin.

    J’ai reçu le produit Esthederm prolongateur de bronzage pour #trywithtopbox gratuitement a essayer. Bien que le produit n’est pas pour ma peau car elle est plutôt olive, ça marche trop bien. Après que ma peau a été exposée au soleil brûlant, j’ai appliqué cette crème. C’était très soulageant, a un agréable aroma, et très hydratante, mais la négative pour moi est que j’ai dû prend du citron pour retirer le bronzage sur ma peau. Le produit est parfait pour les gens qui aime bronzer et garder la couleur, toute en protégeant leur peau et la fluidité du produit le rend facile à appliquer.

  25. Allanah

    This is a very nice product. I used it after being out in the sun for the day and the next day and following days, my tan was still the same as the day I was in the sun! It’s very easy to put on and absorbs easily without a greasy feel. It’s also got a nice scent! #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  26. Sherri4g

    I received the Tan Prolonging Body Lotion to try, however it may have been an error as I don’t tan. I can’t therefore comment on its tan-retention properties. I can say that the lotion qualities of the product are very good. The consistency is milk-like and absorbs very fast, with no tackiness, and my skin feels calmed and hydrated after use. Using the lotion consistently for a few days allowed me to observe that my skin felt smooth and rejuvenated, which I imagine would feel even more amazing after a day in the sun. I have dry skin, and I would follow up in the evening with a heavier cream, but this seems like the type of lotion that would be perfect to toss in a bag to take to the beach or pool for a quick application before changing clothes after your day.

    I received this #freeproduct to #trywithtopbox but my opinions are my own.

  27. Jennifer Raposo

    Was very excited to receive a free sample from Top Box Circle and give it a try. I used it in the evenings and after prolonged periods in the sun. It applies very well, good coverage and non greasy. At this point I have not really noticed the effect on my tan and if it has lasted longer than it would have otherwise, but I will keep using it. #freeproduct

  28. Jasmine

    I received this product complimentary from topbox circle. I sadly don’t think I got the most out of this product because I have no tan. We’ve been in lockdown until recently. I did use this product on my pale skin and can tell you. It’s super hydrating and gives you such a luminous glow. My skin is sensitive and it didn’t react.

  29. Gena mana

    I was so happy to get to try this lotion  #freeproduct so i tried it after along day in the sun the feeling that I had from this lotion is amazing it is so light on my skin and moisturize . It is not greasy at all i really love the feeling i when i get to used. I can’t wait to buy it.

  30. Rachel

    I was very excited to try out this tan prolonging body lotion!
    It has a very light scent which is a big plus for me, and is also a light texture it’s not thick and hard to rub into the skin.
    The directions says to apply generously to body after sun exposure and then daily to help keep your tan!
    Very happy with the results and definitely recommend to family and friends to try!
    #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  31. Stephanie hdz

    I like the concept of an after sun body lotion that prolongs the tan, however I still cannot say if this products really prolonged my tan, but overall I like it, it has a light but pleasant fragrance, light texture which makes it easy to apply the product. . Feels good on the skin, does not cause irritation and hydrates your skin. I like it! #freeproduct

  32. Belmac

    I love the smell and the formula of this after sun lotion. Living in the okanagan valley gives you sun tan, if not sunburn, every summer. I was exposed to the sun all day yesterday driving around town then I applied to the free deluxe sample from topbox. My skin feels so smooth and hydrated. The lotion is not too greasy. I recommend this product and will consider buying a full size after I finish after sun lotion.

  33. Courtney

    I put this lotion on before I went to bed, making it part of my nighttime routine, and to my great surprise, two days later my arms are still a light brown! So I’d say it definitely works. I look forward to trying it again, next time on more than just my arms. I like the smell, though I worry it’ll be too strong when I put it all over. It’s a little sticky, but less so than sunscreen so I’m not bothered by it. Overall very happy with this so far! Definite recommend.

  34. Liane

    Amazing product! Easy to apply, smells great!! Definitely recommend if you want that summer tan to last!
    #trywithtopbox #freeproduct

  35. Casey

    Thank you @Topbox for this incredible opportunity to try the AFTER SUN Tan Prolonging After-Sun Body Lotion. This was my first time trying out a product for prolong a tan. My skin has been very pale, and this product really worked so well on my skin. The tan is subtle, yet noticeable. This product was very easy to apply, and smelt amazing. #trywithtopbox #freeproduct

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