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Intensive Propolis+

Intensive Propolis+ Kaolin Purifying Mask

(22 customer reviews)
Intensive Propolis+

Intensive Propolis+ Kaolin Purifying Mask

(22 customer reviews)

This mask cleanses the skin and unclogs the pores to minimize the look of irregularities, leaving the skin smooth and clear.

$74 CAD

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Product Benefits

Boosted with Kaolin and its absorbing properties, Intensive Propolis+ Purifying Mask absorbs excess sebum to visibly reduce shine. With its non-drying texture formulated with Propolis, chosen for its soothing and purifying properties, this mask cleanses, unclogs & visibly tightens the pores and refines the skin’s surface.

*Usage test under medical supervision, 21 volunteers / 28 days (% positive answers).

Application Tips

Apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin on the face and neck. Leave to dry for 15 minutes, then rinse off with plenty of water. For intensive action, use every day for 7 days, then 2 to 3 times a week. Can also be applied locally on irregularities. For adult use only. The INTENSIVE COLLECTION can be used with your usual skincare or alongside cosmetic procedures.

Ingredients List

The ingredients listed here are those contained in the most recent formulation of this product. As there may be a delay between its production and its distribution on the market, please refer to the ingredient list on the packaging.


ESTHEDERM product photo, Intensive collection, Institut Esthederm, professional skincare for youthful skin, Esthederm Canada
The skin appears smooth and purified from the 1st application : 95%*

Patents and Technologies

  • Propolis+ Complex

    Propolis has remarkable purifying and soothing as well as antioxydant properties. Esthederm has harnessed a synergetic combination of active ingredients to give a complete solution for blemished skin with visible signs of aging.

  • Kaolin

    Also known as clay, it captures excess of sebum, impurities and toxins. It gently unclogs and tightens pores, leaving the skin feeling fresh and purified.

  • Cellular Water Patent

    Booster of all skincare efficiency, Cellular Water optimizes vitality and helps prevent youth capital.

ESTHEDERM product photo, Intensive collection, Institut Esthederm, professional skincare for youthful skin, Esthederm Canada

Intensive Expertise

The INTENSIVE lines offer a proven effectiveness with referenced molecules in dermo-esthetics, selected and used in the perfect amounts thanks to Esthederm’s research for fast and long-lasting results on the visible signs of skin imbalances and cutaneous aging.

Reviews For This Product

  1. Maude Chabot Leclerc

    Excellent produit pour l’acné adulte.

  2. Marilyn

    Peut-on l’utiliser pendant la grossesse?

  3. Lindsay

    J’adore ce masque, il régularise sans déshydrater la peau

  4. Vanessa Fittante

    I have been using Esthederm products since I was a teenager and I was so glad they made a mask product to sell. I suffer with oily skin and this mask instantly shows the difference after one use.

  5. Essia Ben Ayed

    Je l’utilise comme spot treatement et ma peau devient moins rouge quelques jours plus tard! Je l’adore!

  6. Maryam

    Wow, this product is amazing. I have always been using Esthederm Pore Refiner Concentrate and Pure Control and I say with confidence, these two products are truly amazing and the most effective ones for oily and combination skin. Amongst many products that I used to control my oily skin and minimize pores, these two are the best. And this mask, wow , I just received it today and used it once but my skin was super clean and soft after only one use. I would recommend Esthederm products, whatever I used was amazing.

  7. Alicia Lee

    Beautiful mask to wear when it’s been an exhausting day, I’m learning to use self care a lot more and this mask has really helped make it happen. With all the stress I’m going through my face is loving this mask to help !! Happy skin is happy life

  8. Marina

    An amazing product
    It was my 1st time to try this product and I found it amazing.
    The serum is very easy to apply I already felt the difference and it smells super nice.
    I highly recommend this product.
    #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  9. Sana

    I got this mask from topbox as a#free product to try and I absolutely love it I have oily skin and my T-zone looks oily and shiny all the time but this mask control my oily skin very well and my skin looks less shiny but still fresh and also help me a lot with my black head and white head problem and my skin doesn’t feel dry or tight.if you have oily/combination skin this mask is your friend.

  10. Madeline_dm

    Surprisingly, this is one of my favourite products for in the morning! It is a very gentle yet effective mask for my combination oily skin that is prone to breakouts and blackheads. The ingredients are superb and the packaging is very easy to use. Although it doesn’t create miracles I think with continued use it will give me great results. Check out my recent reel on Instagram (madeline_dm) to see how I use it in the morning! #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  11. Stacy

    I have very oily skin that breaks out very easily, which is why I love clay face masks. I really like the Intensive propolis kaolin purifying masks because it absorbs excess oil and impurities. It leaves my skin very clean and helps to tighten the pores. This is a free product that I received for free from Topbox. #Freeproduct #Trywithtopbox

  12. Elle

    I’m not usually a fan of face masks but I’ve been using this one at night and love how it makes my skin feel. I have sensitive skin and this mask leaves it feeling fresh and soft. #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  13. Neelam Ashfaq

    I received this product as a simple i like this mask when i use this one i feel difference my skin I recommend my friends

  14. Medo

    I got this #freeproduct from #topbox, it will be my favorite mask the texture is so soft i like the scent i saw the difference from the first usage making my skin moisturized

  15. Martine

    This mask is just amazing! It will be part of my routine nowww #freeproduct

  16. Butaj

    I use this mask at night and like how it doesn’t make my face feeling dry. I notice it reduces my pores and leaves my skin soft. #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  17. Alena

    Used this #freeproduct twice a week as recommended. I like the scent, it is something floral to me and not overwhelming. The texture is creamy, only a little amount need for the whole face and I like it. Easy to wash off, doesn’t leave drying feeling after usage as a lot of other masks I have tried. Skin looks healthier and shining. Don’t have to worry about concealer now, which is very convenient for summer.

  18. Tanisha Legault

    This is my favorite mask I’ve used so far. It doesn’t crack on your skin, it is very moisturizing and when you rinse it off, you have no oil and you can tell a difference in the size of your pores. I’ve been using it for a week now and I love the difference I see in my skin. It is high quality and a little goes a long way.

  19. Yulia

    Beautiful mask that truly made a difference with my skin. I break out easily and this was such a game changer. I use it twice a week and its my go to mask. #freeproduct

  20. Janie

    Depuis longtemps que j’attendais ce moment Nous pouvons, enfin(!), faire un masque à la maison!

  21. Mylene Beauregard

    Découverte très intéressante!

  22. Cindy Leclerc

    J’ai une peau mixte avec des boutons hormonaux récurrents chaque mois , ce masque a apaisé ma peau instantanément! Je l’ai fait 3x par semaine pour deux semaines et ensuite 2x semaine et j’ai adoré ! Je le recommande définitivement!

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