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Bronz Impulse Suncare Set - prepare and enhance

(1 customer review)
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Bronz Impulse Suncare Set – prepare and enhance

(1 customer review)
  • Bronz Impulse Face and Body Spray – 150 ml
  • Tan Prolonging Body Lotion – 150 ml


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Product Benefits

Face and Body Spray that prepares the skin for sun exposure and optimizes the tan. Bronz Impulse Spray reinforces the skin’s natural defenses and intensifies the tan of naturally tanned skin. With an invisible fresh mist texture, the skin appears visibly younger, and the tan is more intense.

A comfortable formula that rehydrates the skin to minimize the risk of peeling and prolongs tan after sun exposure. Formulated with a soothing complex enriched with Dextran sulfate and licorice extract, Tan Prolonging After-Sun Body Lotion reduces feelings of discomfort. The tan is long-lasting and the skin is more supple, soft and luminous.

Application Tips

Face and Body Spray : Spray over face and body, then allow to dry. – Prior to sun exposure (hydrates and prepare): use alone, morning and evening, ideally two weeks prior to sun exposure. – During sun exposure: use 20 minutes before sun exposure together with suitable sun protection. – After sun exposure (prolong): use morning and evening, underneath your regular skincare.

Tan Prolonging Body Lotion : Apply generously to the body after sun exposure.

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Suncare Expertise

Known for its effectiveness, Esthederm’s unique sun care are based on patented technologies: Global Cellular Protection and Adaptasun, representing 40 years of research and expertise in photobiology.

Reviews For This Product

  1. Fabienne Bisaillon

    Quel bonheur de préparer sa peau avec le Bronz Impulse, avant de prendre du soleil
    Elle semble plus bronzée qu’avant que j’en mette.
    Je l’adore.
    Le prolongateur semble très bien fonctionner sur moi, je suis bronzée à l’année! ?

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