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Lift & Repair

Eye Contour Lift Patches - 10 packets of 2 patches

(23 customer reviews)
Lift & Repair

Eye Contour Lift Patches – 10 packets of 2 patches

(23 customer reviews)

An eye patch that instantly smooths the fragile eye area while restructuring and regenerating its hydration.

$82 CAD

10 packets
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Product Benefits

Eye wrinkle care that hydrates the eye contour and reduces the appearance of fine lines and signs of fatigue

Application Tips

On clean and dry skin, apply a patch under each eye until the crow’s feet. Leave on for five minutes.

Ingredients List

The ingredients listed here are those contained in the most recent formulation of this product. As there may be a delay between its production and its distribution on the market, please refer to the ingredient list on the packaging.


ESTHEDERM product photo, Lift & Repair range, serum, cream, eyes, mask, resculpts and shapes the face, anti-wrinkles, lifting
Place the patch in the refrigerator to increase its decongesting action!

Patents and Technologies

  • Cellular Water Patent

    Booster of all skincare efficiency, Cellular Water optimizes vitality and helps prevent youth capital.

  • Lift Technology

    On the surface, a combination of 3 effects : lifting, plumping and smoothing, for a more beautiful skin.

  • Repair+ Technology

    High concentration in regenerating hydrating ingredients, helping to visibly minimize aging signs.

  • Time Control System (TCS)

    Diminishes visible signs of skin aging.

ESTHEDERM product photo, Lift & Repair range, serum, cream, eyes, mask, resculpts and shapes the face, anti-wrinkles, lifting

Lift & Repair Expertise

After age 35, morphological changes in the epidermis combine with profound changes. Lift & Repair skincare acts in two ways: immediately and visibly tightening and smoothing the skin’s micro contours the skin seems firmed and restructured.

Reviews For This Product

  1. Brigitte

    Moi et mon conjoint adorons le produit! On se fait d’ailleurs une soirée devant la télé avec nos patchs dès ce soir! Ça fait tellement du bien et donne de très bon résultat!

  2. Sarah

    Très efficace. Très bons résultats.

  3. Marie-Pier Tremblay

    Je recommande chaudement ce produit combiné au sérum contour des yeux ça fait des miracles !! Mes yeux son beaucoup moins gonflés et mes cernes on presque disparus ?

  4. Annie Gratton

    J’ai essayé les patchs grâce #trywithtopbox #freeproduct. J’ai adoré mon expérience. J’aurais aimé l’essayer plusieurs fois. Je vais en acheter prochainement c’est certain. Dès la première application on sens l’effet de fermeté se fait ressentir. Le résultat est automatique cela réveil le regard. Seul bémol. J’ai trouvé difficile de retirer les patchs de l’emballage. Mais c’est un détail.

  5. Ada

    LIFT & REPAIR Eye Contour Patch is awesome, I love it very much, it make my eye wrinkles disappear, I use it every night and day, smell super good #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  6. Sonia

    Jai essayé les patchs lift contour des yeux je lai utiliser le matin avant le boulot et leffet de fatigue a été complètement atténué mes yeux avait lair reposer et la peau bien lisse jai adorer ce produit jai bien aime le parfum leger quelle degage je vais définitivement me procurer ce produit #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  7. Amelia

    My puffiness and dark circles under my eyes are reduced. The contours around my eyes appear much more vibrant and fresh. These are sublime and easy to use eye contour lift patches by esthederm! I reviewed this product I received for free from topbox #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  8. MaYu

    It feels super great to put it on my eyes. That’s exactly what I needed – really take away my fine lines instantly like magic. I would love to try more. #freeproduct #topboxcircle

  9. Suzana

    The Esthederm lift and repair eye contour patches were a revitalizing experience that provided instant nourishment. I ensure to keep these eye patches cold, and hence they felt great when applied. It truly is a spa experience at home, which all of the plant cellular water that is infused within the product. I received this product for free to try from Topbox. #Freeproduct #Trywithtopbox

  10. Kelly

    Great Eye Contour Lift Patches – Lift and Repair by Esthederm! The eye patches are cooling, soothing and very effective at providing instant comfort! Lovely eye patches! Much thanks for this testing opportunity; I received to try and review this product for free from topbox #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  11. Telvania

    Great rejuvenating, smoothing and cooling effect with the Eye Contour Lift Patches by Esthederm. I admire and appreciate how Esthederm has been dedicated to advancing skin care for the past 40 years.Received this product as a testing opportunity for free #freeproduct #trywithtopbox from topbox.

  12. Annie Gratton

    J’ai essayé ce matin les patchs Esthederm immédiatement en les appliquant j’ai ressenti un effet tenseur que j’ai adoré. J’ai laissé plus que 5 minutes et en peut de temps je sens une belle amélioration plus lise et plus ferme du contour de mes yeux. J’en aurais pris encore. Par contre difficile d’enlever les deux patchs de l’emballage. C’est le seul bémol. #trywithtopbox

  13. Karina

    This is a wonderful pair of eye contouring patches, as I have observed great results. The contours around my eyes feel and look smoothed out, whilst also appearing more vibrant and diminished of fine lines. The Esthederm Lift and Repair Eye Contour Lift Patches is a must have essential for everyone! Received for free from topbox #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  14. Elizabeth

    I very much enjoyed the Esthederm Lift and Repair Eye Contour Lift Patches, as it helped the contours of my eyes relax, cool off and also gain a new rejuvenated appearance. I very much recommend the eye patches, as they are newly innovated with breakthrough ingredients that sincerely support stressed and fatigued under eyes. I received this testing opportunity for free from topbox #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  15. Addison

    It was a real treat to have the opportunity to test out the ‘Lift & Repair’ Eye Contour Lift patches. As recommended, I first placed these eye patches in the fridge for a few hours before using it and it was an amazing experience. I noticed that the puffiness under my eyes were less and I has a natural glow that also eliminated dark sports and wrinkles. Thank-you Topbox for providing me with the opportunity to test this product. #Trywithtopbox #Freeproduct

  16. Jamie

    These eye patches are amazing, as they instantly provide a cool feeling that is very refreshing. I noticed that my skin under my eyes appeared less dark and rather it provided a luminous glow, whilst providing hydration and moisture. Also, I now have less lines under my eyes. Topbox is the organization that sent this product for free. #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  17. Tina

    The esthederm lift and repair eye contour – pair of eye patches, provided instant hydration and vibrancy around my eyes; I love this product! The eye patches brought a cooling and reviving effect through its supportive ingredients, such as glycerin, oat kernel extract, caffeine and cellular water. I received this product to try for free from topbox #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

  18. LP

    I’ve received these patches from #topboxcircle. I used them at night after cleaning my face. They were very thin and barely there but felt very cool and pleasant. I kept them longer than 5 min. The skin felt very refreshed and nice after but I’m not sure if I saw any difference other than that. I’d need to use this product longer to determine the results. #trywithtopboxcircle

  19. Sim

    After trying the product sample from topbox ,I could find the skin under eye a lot smoother than before.Not much difference in fine lines was felt by me.

  20. Luiana

    I absolutely love eye patches! #topboxcircle sent this to me, I used to use Wander eye patches however these beat those by a mile! I actually sleep with them on and use a dark eye mask to keep them in place. You won’t believe thw difference it makes. Smooth skin, no wrinkles!

  21. Melacs

    I didn’t see a difference with this product. Skin under eyes felt refreshed after application. Overall scent is great and easy to apply. #trywithtopbox #freeproduct

  22. Assil

    I used the patches at night , right after I washed and cleaned my face. Applied the patches to under eye area towards the side of the face. The patches were cool against my skin and did not irritate at all. I removed the patches after 5 min which left my under eye are smooth and cool.

  23. claudia letourneau

    #freeproduct #trywithtopbox je suis contente d’avoir été choisi pour essayer ce produit gratuitement, j’ai aimé, je vais en acheter a nouveau, je ne peux pas dire si j’ai vu des resultats car evidement il me faudrait plusieurs jours afin de le constater, un excellent produit pour les yeux que je recommande a tous

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