Unlock a new understanding of aging

A fundamental discovery

By Professor Miroslav Radman

Prof. Radman, one of the most renowned genetics & cell biologists in the world, has contributed to cutting-edge progress regarding diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson and discovered the root cause of aging. This cause is the breakdown of proteins. Proteins are the body’s second largest component after water, making up the proteome.

A new understanding of aging


Jean-Noël Thorel, founder of NAOS, and Prof. Radman, have had a scientific research partnership for more than 20 years. This decisive cooperation helped identify the main biological cause of skin aging, and enabled NAOS’s research and development teams to develop one of the most innovative biotechnologies in terms of cell longevity.

The latest in innovation

NAOS laboratories identified a quasi-immortal extremophile bacterium, Snow Bacteria, whose proteome is naturally protected by unique molecules: antioxidant chaperones. These molecules have a specific efficacy that surpasses all known antioxidants as they provide the skin proteome with specific, powerful, lasting protecting, capable of considerably slowing down the aging process. Using these molecules, NAOS laboratories have developed AGE PROTEOM™ Biotechnology and patented this major discovery.


Elodie Valin, Director of NAOS Scientific Development
Presents the latest major NAOS scientific discovery

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