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This year, we gave Canadian artist Joannie Houle carte blanche to create the design of our holiday gift sets! Passionate about the botanical world, Joannie Houle creates unique floral works, full of femininity and poetry.

Her floral and colorful world brings us back to nature and respect for ecosystems, which is exactly what Esthederm is all about. The Montreal artist offers us a beautiful interpretation of femininity through a unique illustration to celebrate the holidays in style!


Do you have a particular creative process?

Joannie Houle: I like flipping through botanical and vintage illustration books for inspiration or browsing Pinterest to compose up-to-date and sought-after color palettes! It is very rare that I draw sketches before I start. Most of the time, I start with an idea and the illustration takes shape on paper with each stroke of the brush! For me it is essential to create in a space composed of elements that make me feel good in order to find inspiration. This is a bit like the role played by my many plants that decorate my studio.


Did you always know you wanted to be an artist? What were the main obstacles you had to face in establishing yourself as an artist?

I have always been a very artistic person. Art in all these forms, but more particularly visual art, has fascinated me since childhood. Despite my strong interest in illustration and painting, I did not study in the field. Instead, I opted for university studies in marketing. I believe that being a self-taught artist with little entrepreneurial knowledge was the biggest obstacle when I decided to take the plunge and turn my passion into a profession. So I did a lot of research and reading on the subject early on, thank you Google! 😉


How is living in Montreal reflected in your works / despite the floral dominance of your works, do you draw inspiration from the city?

I live in a charming little neighborhood in Montreal located near the St. Lawrence River. There are several green spaces to walk around and take the time to disconnect. Even living in the great metropolis, I manage to stay connected with nature on a daily basis while enjoying the cultural richness that the city has to offer.


With your experience, what advice would you give to someone who would like to get started, like you?

To believe in yourself and in your talent. Not to give up, despite the pitfalls and mistakes. To go forward without fear of the judgment of others, even if it is sometimes difficult for the ego to know that our works cannot please everyone.


What could we wish you beautiful for the year 2021?

For 2021, the greatest gift would be to find more time to create simply for the fun of it and to explore different mediums and subjects. I would also like to be able to expand my line of stationery products and offer new products to my customers. And why not a great collaboration with a large company in the textile industry, it’s good to dream a little, no?


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