Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is a powerful antioxidant! And not only does it boost our tone and immune defenses, it’s also a top beauty ingredient for our skin!


Vitamin C, where can I find it?

Vitamin C is naturally contained in many foods: such as oranges, kiwi, broccoli, or parsley.

Yet essential to our health, vitamin C is not naturally synthesized by the body: we must therefore consume it to be able to benefit from its positive effects.

And talk about positive effects! According to Health Canada, vitamin C has a multitude of beneficial effects on the human body! Its virtues include better healing of wounds, better absorption of iron in the body and an antioxidant effect.

Health Canada recommends consuming 60mg of Vitamin C per day for good health.


The Vitamin C solution

As explained earlier, the more you benefit from the benefits of vitamin C, you have to consume it, apply it to the skin. Nowadays we can find vitamin C in many skin care products: serum, cure, or cream.


Vitamin C, an aging issue?

The younger you are, the higher the levels of vitamin C in the upper layers of the skin, dermis and epidermis. But the older you get, the more naturally these levels decline. Particularly because of exposure to the sun without adequate protection, and pollution. Result? Skin may appear duller, less firm, and less smooth*.


Vitamin C, a ray of sunshine for the skin

Vitamin C is also one of the most promising and research-documented skincare ingredients**. A natural antioxidant, vitamin C gives a real boost to dull and tired complexions.

So how does vitamin C manage to do all of this? First of all, it helps protect the skin by neutralizing free radicals, responsible among other things for skin aging and pigment spots. Its antioxidant power allows it to limit the oxidation of cells and preserve them from accelerated degeneration. In addition, Vitamin C is a bulwark against many external aggressions (UV, pollution, tobacco).


So, are you ready to add vitamin C to your daily routine?


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