How To Achieve The Perfect Summer Glow

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As summer has reached its peak, many may be wondering how to obtain their summer glow quickly and safely.


To understand the sun and its causal effects on our skin, we must first understand the different types of UV rays.

According to the Government of Canada’s sun safety guidelines, the sun emits three different UV rays. UVA, UVB, and UVC can affect our skin damagingly. Most UVC rays, fortunately, never reach the earth’s surface and are blocked by the earth’s ozone layer. However, the rays of UVA are the most abundant on the earth’s surface. They are the rays that we need to pay attention to as it can penetrate deep into our skin (dermis).

Adequately preparing and protecting our skin from these rays is the best way to achieve a healthy summer glow while also preventing the rays’ harmful side effects. The Government of Canada states that UVA and UVB rays are at their highest concentration between 10:30 A.M. and 3:00 P.M.; therefore, it is important to avoid tanning during these times. But, during summer, it is often inevitable to avoid these times of day, and we must prepare our skin accordingly.

For a healthier, safer summer glow, follow these four essential steps to help glow-up!


Before lathering ourselves with sunscreen, the skin must be adequately cleansed so that the skin’s pores will not clog and create forms of irregularities.

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Protection is by far the most critical aspect of sun care and must be given proper thought. We must think of how to effectively tan the skin while also protecting it from UV rays. Notably, and contrary to popular belief, we can still get tan even if the levels of SPF of the sunscreen are high. The SPF acts as protection from the rays, still allowing us to get tan. Equally, it is essential to apply every 2 hours, throughout the sun exposure process, as the SPF will diminish throughout each hour.

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A tan prep will help the skin retain the summer glow allowing less frequent trips into the sun for tanning. According to Healthline, the skin only holds a tan for an average of seven days before the melanin in the skin starts to disappear. Therefore, it is crucial to have a prolonging agent that allows us to retain our healthy summer glow. We can lessen our exposure to the rays overall. Preparation should be done before and after sun exposure to ensure a lasting tan.

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After the tanning process is complete, let’s consider enhancements to help visibly boost our skin’s glow. The use of a self-tanner can enhance already tanned skin while also enhancing a tan in parts of the body that experience less sun exposure (neck and sides of torsos). This equally helps in getting a beautiful and healthy summer glow and reduces the need for extra sun exposure!

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Overall, when we think of our skin during the summer months, we must act effectively! Also, Let’s keep in mind the benefits of enhancing and prolonging our tan to provide a healthier-looking glow!


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