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After staying inside for several months, we only have one wish: to enjoy the good weather! However, going out without good preparation is out of the question. Indeed, having stayed indoors for a long time, the skin (like us) needs a short period of adaptation.


The routine for  a perfect tan

We would do everything to get a natural tanned complexion by the blink of an eye but beware of rushing it! For an optimal, fast, and above all, lasting tan, nothing like our tan-enhancing routine.


I prepare my skin for the sun

In every ESTHEDERM routine, we always recommend to start with our Cellular Water Mist, to hydrate and energize the skin. Thanks to its unique formulation, it optimizes and prepares the skin for the next step of your routine, thus potentiates its effects!


To ensure an optimal tan, you have to prepare for it… in advance! Yes, even before you start sunbathing! Applying the Bronz Impulse  every morning and evening up to 15 days before prolonged exposure will allow your skin to have an optimized tan. The result? A tan that is more intense and will last longer!


After the preparation, the sun exposure!

It is essential to apply sun protection when you are outside, even if you want to tan. To do so, Adaptasun Mer et Tropiques prevents sunburn, while leaving the skin soft and comfortable.

You are now ready to enjoy your dream tan!


Do you have visible spots and are not sure how to get sun exposure? Discover our dedicated routine!